Welcome to IIMS

The Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science’s (IIMS) mission is to integrate clinical and translational research and career development across all University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio schools and among our diverse public and private partners in South Texas. Clinical research studies are conducted with the participation and collaboration of human volunteers. Translational research studies move basic science discovery to patient-based applications and then out into clinical practice with the ultimate goal of human health improvement. Simply put, the IIMS will reduce barriers to research and stimulate the transformation of knowledge into improved health care.


Congratulations to two IIMS/CTSA TTR awardees who are recent CPRIT recipients of Individual Investigator Awards-

Dr. Ricardo Aguiar, received a CPRIT grant for "Inactivating Mutation of D2HGDH Establishes a Novel Link Between Metabolism, Alpha-KG Dependent Dioxygenases and Epigenetic Reprograming in B Cell Lymphoma" using pilot data generated from his TTR award “Cancer associated inactivating D2HGDH mutations and epigenetic deregulation”

Dr. Patricia Dahia, who also received a CPRIT grant for "Investigation of the Tumor Suppressor TMEM127 on Lysosome Function and Lipid Metabolism" using data generated from her IIMS/CTSA TTR award, “TMEM127 in lipid and adipose tissue metabolism.”