Generating Evidence that Matters in Dentistry

Welcome to the South Texas Oral Health Network  

STOHN is a practice-based research network (PBRN) dedicated to developing a research infrastructure for generating practical and timely information to enhance the quality and efficacy of oral health care. STOHN members are practicing dentists and dental hygienists in South Texas who help to develop and implement dental research where it really matters – in their practices.

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Current STOHN Studies

A Collaboration of Oral Health Practitioners and Community Members Develops Culturally Competent Health Promotion Materials About Probiotic Use to Improve Oral Health - In partnership with STOHN, practitioners, and community members, this study will develop culturally competent health promotion materials about the benefits of oral probiotics to maintain and improve oral health and enhance communication about oral health through a collaboration of community members, patients and oral health professionals.

Recently Completed STOHN Studies

Assessing Patients' Knowledge and Awareness of Xerostomia and its Prevalence in South Texas: A Card Study In partnership with the Madonna Neighborhood Center and the Bexar County Translational Advisory Board, this study will focus on patients' recognition and awareness of Xerostomia, also known as dry mouth. Xerostomia affects millions of people in the U.S. with an estimated prevalence from 5.5% to 46%, affecting the geriatric population most prominently. .

Increasting E-Cigarette Awareness and Counseling among South Texas Dentists, Patients, and Communities - In partnership with the Bexar County Translational Advisory Board, this study will assess the knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions related to e-cigarette use among at-risk populations and better understand how dental practitioners address e-cigarette use in their practices. The findings from this study will be used to create education materials for dental practitioners to increase their capacity to counsel patients about e-cigarette use and the associated risks. 

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