What are the Goals of the TAB?

The TAB achieves its mission through:

  1. Setting the health research agenda in the community
    By participating in community health assessment in partnership with community organizations to determine the community’s health improvement needs

  2. Partnering with researchers to develop and refine health research protocols in the community
    By reviewing health research proposals and providing community-relevant input for revisions.

  3. Participating in data collection and analysis
    By facilitating health research and by reviewing data collection plans and interpretation of results.

  4. Reporting health research findings to community members
    By facilitating town hall meetings, conferences, etc. to report health research results to community stakeholder groups, emphasizing the application of results to improve community health.

  5. Seeking sustainable resources for community health research initiatives and programs
    By writing and reviewing grant proposals, ensuring they address the health improvement needs of the community.

  6. Facilitating community health research partnerships
    By engaging and training interested community members in health research.