Who Can Serve on a TAB?

Anyone who is interested in improving the health of their community may serve on a TAB.

Potential members include, but are not limited to:

doctor examining girl in communityCommunity-Based Organizations:

i.e., community and not-for-profit agencies

health care providersHealthcare Providers:

i.e., local hospitals and clinics as well as members of the health department or health board


i.e., public and private primary and secondary schools as well as local colleges and universities

volunteersService, Volunteer, and Philanthropic Organizations:

i.e., community service organizations 

faith-based organizationsFaith-Based Organizations:

i. e., interfaith and outreach ministry groups

police man and firemanPublic Servants:

i.e., local police, school police, firefighters and emergency rescue staff

local governmentLocal Government:

i.e., the Mayor, City Council members and other elected officials

local merchantsLocal Business Community:

i.e., local businesses, both large and small, as well as independent consultants

reporterMembers of the Media:

i.e., individuals from the local newspaper and radio and TV stations