2012 PBRN Convocation

Our 4th Annual PBRN Convocation was a success!

See below to download: the Convocation Program, the Poster Presenter Abstracts, the Speaker Presentations, Handouts, and links from the resources at our Resource Fair. We encourage you to contact the PBRN resource center to learn of upcoming events and individual network projects. 



Convocation Program

Speaker Presentations

Cutting Edge Genomic Research in the Psychiatric Clinic Setting
South Texas Psychiatric Network, John Tierney, MD

Improving Evidence-Based Primary Care for Chronic Kindey Disease
STARNet: Walter Calmbach, MD, MPH 

NIDCR Establishes National Dental Practice-Based Research Network
STOHN: Thomas Oates, DMD, PhD 

Increasing Community Based Health Promotion Through the Family Health History to Enhance Communication Between Patient & Provider in a Primary Care Setting.
AHEC: Paula Winkler, MEd, Bexar TAB, Comal TAB, Gillespie TAB 

Treatment Attitudes and Perceived Logistical, Institutional Barriers to VA Out patient Mental Health Care in OEF/OIF Veterans.
VA Mental Health: Hector Garcia, PsyD 

Electronic Communication Technology Use Among Texas Primary Care Patients: An RRNeT Study
RRNeT: Anna Haring, BS

A PBRN of a Different Color
Improvement Science Research Network: Kathleen Stevens EdD, MS, RB, ANEF, FAAN 

Panel Discussion: "Technology, Innovations, & Apps, Oh MY!"
Peggy Alexander, DDS (STOHN), Luke Rosenberger, MLIS (UTHSCSA/PrISM), Ramon Reyes, MD (STARNet)
Don McGeary, PhD (S. TX Psychiatric Network/VA Mental Health Network)


Poster Presentations

1. Offsite Third Party Telephone Recruiting of Lapsed Donors is a Cost-Effective Method to Increase Blood Donations Alan F Brown, UTHSCSA, San Antonio, TX  Jay P. Brooks, UF, Gainsville, FL

2. Reading the Labels: Effects of Health Literacy and Language on Physical Activity and BMI Ebele Achebe; Sandra Burge, PhD; Swati Avashia, MD; Dr. Ferrer (Mentors)

3. Evaluation of root fractures using a CBCT artifact reduction algorithm and PSP plates B. Bechara

4. Development of a Rapid Multiplex PCR Assay for Emerging Carbapenemases and CMY‐2/22s H. Briggs, M. Herrera, B. Wickes, and J. Jorgensen

5. Correlations between Locus of Control and Opportunities for Health Behaviors David Cadena BS, Sandra Burge Ph. D, Inez Cruz MSW, Ashok Kumar MD, Robert Ferrer MD MPH

6. Musculoskeletal Manifestations in Primary Care Carlos P. Cardenas, Sandra K. Burge PhD., Gerald Kizerian PhD.

7. Baby Steps: A Breastfeeding Support Toolkit for Prenatal Care Alice K. Gong, MD; Sara L. Gill, PhD; Paula L. Winkler, MEd; Janet F. Williams, MD

8. Diabetes, Age, and Health Status: Impact on Opportunities for Healthy Behaviors Jeremy Gue, BS; Sandra Burge, PhD; Inez Cruz, MSW; Robert Ferrer, MD,MPH

9. SBIRT ASSIST Assessment Form (SAAF) -Inpatient Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral To Treatment Adeliza Jimenez MD, Xiangxin Chen MD, Carol Espinal MD, Tiffany Tran MD, Johra Nasreen MD, Rochelle Tinitigan MD, Fozia Ali MD, Saira Khan MD, Jorge Insignares MD, Prajna Sidhu MD

10. Knowledge Enhancements for Lung Cancer Prevention in a Primary Care Clinic Khan R, Khan J, Wood R, Otiniano ME, Nadeau, MT

11. Combating Community-Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (CA-MRSA) Infections in a Rural County using the South Central Texas AHEC to Promote Community Engagement, Active Surveillance, and Customized Physician Feedback G. Lee, PharmD, P. Winkler, MEd, M. Labreche, PharmD, V. Young PharmD, MPH, J. Ramsay, MD, B. Walch, RN, J. Willome, L. Bentch, MD, C. Frei, PharmD, MS

12. Residents’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors in Breast, Colon, and Lung Cancer Prevention: Findings from a Residency Training Project
Nadeau MT, Loffredo AS, Poursani RS, Ivy LM, Serrano Feliciano J, Siddiqui S, Mann-Zeballos MM, Katerndahl DA, Lawler WR, Ferrer RL, Oscos-Sanchez MA, Burge SK, Wood RC, Otiniano ME, Avery RZ

13. Environmental Exposures Measured in Deciduous Teeth of Children with Autism: A Case - Control Study Ray Palmer, Lynne Heilbrun, David Camann, Steve Schultz, Claudia Miller

14. Sustaining SBIRT Implementation in the Clinical Setting Suyen Schneegans MA, Glenn P. Malone MS, Shruthi Vale MS, Janet F. Williams MD, Sandra Burge PhD, Nancy Amodei PhD

15. Small Troubles, Adaptive Responses (STAR‐2): Frontline Nurse Engagement in Quality Improvement Kathleen R. Stevens, RN, EdD, FAAN, Darpan Patel, PhD, Frank Puga, PhD, Robert L.Ferrer, MD, MPH

16. Treatment and Management of Vitamin D Deficiency in Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Taiwo Kuye, MD; James F. Hanley MD, Mentor

17. The Women’s HEART Project in San Antonio Mercedes Vaughn, MS, Amanda Miller, MPH, Nancy Amodei, PhD, Victor German, MD, and Veronica Villela Perez, BS

18. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) H. Kaitlin

19. Resident’s Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors addressing Injuries: Findings from the Residency Training Project Abid H, Nadeau MT, Loffredo AS, Serrano-Feliciano J, Ali F, Ferrer RL, Wood RC, Otiniano ME