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Greater Plains Collaborative Inter-Institutional Pilot Program

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The Greater Plains Collaborative Clinical Data Research Network
2017 Inter-Institutional Pilot Program – Request for Proposals 

The Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC) is a network of twelve leading medical centers in eight states committed to a shared vision of improving healthcare delivery through ongoing learning, adoption of evidence-based practices, and active research dissemination. With support from our Clinical Translational Science Institutes’ leadership (NIH CTSA and CTR programs), the GPC network is seeking to broaden awareness and utilization by investigators at its partner institutions to capitalize on our heightened patient engagement and unique data resources.

The purpose of the pilot program is to provide modest support that will allow an investigator the opportunity to develop sufficient preliminary data utilizing the GPC’s data infrastructure as a basis for a larger application for independent research support for the investigator and the network.

Informational Webinars for Potential Applicants – May 3, 2017 @ 3 pm – 4 pm CDT; May 10 @ 9 am – 10 am CDT

Letter of Intent Due Date – May 31, 2017

Application Due Date – July 21, 2017

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