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NCATS Funded Innovation Labs to Drive Early Career Grants

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Radical Solutions to the Opioid Misuse Epidemic
Deaths from opioids have quadrupled in the past 15 years in the United States. Opioid mortality parallels increase in the quantity of legal prescription opioids dispensed. Abundance of prescription opioids paves the path to nonmedical use. Curbing opioid misuse is a major public health challenge, one that will require solutions involving diverse disciplines and perspectives. The NIH will be committing significant new funds to support grants to study the opioid epidemic in an effort to attract researchers new to this field to apply novel approaches from many disciplines to study this critical problem.
The goal of this project is to facilitate the development of novel transdisciplinary collaborative grant proposals among early-career scholars. Enhancing collaboration is central to the CTSA program but faces many barriers. Early career investigators may face even greater challenges in pursuing and obtaining collaborative funding – without a substantive "nudge". To provide that nudge, this project will implement Innovation Labs to Drive Early Career Grants designed to foster new transdisciplinary, multi-CTSA teams that will pursue radical science on opioid misuse.

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