Parkinson's Disease Center of Excellence Pilot Projects

The Perry and Ruby Stevens Parkinson's Disease Center of Excellence is soliciting proposals for pilot project awards.  For details, view the Request for Applications (RFA).

All applicants must submit a Letter of Intent by August 30, 2019.

Applications are due by September 30, 2019.

  • SurveyMonkey Apply -- Parkinson's CoE Pilot Project
  • Attach forms:
    • CRU budget, if applicable (see RFA)
    • Biographical Sketch for PI (maximum 5 pages; for NIH template, format, and sample see
    • Biographical Sketch for Key Personnel (maximum 5 pages each)
    • Research plan (maximum 4 pages)
      • Hypothesis and specific aims
      • Background and significance
      • Preliminary data
      • Work proposed (including statistical analysis, power calculations, pitfalls, alternatives)
    • Literature citations (maximum 1 page - use continuation page)
    • Additional required information (maximum 1 page - use continuation page) to include:
      • Specific plans for seeking downstream outside funding based on completion of the pilot project research
      • Pending or planned scientifically related applications to other pilot project programs, including statement on potential overlap
    • Letters of Support from Core Directors (if applicable)
    • Letters of Collaboration (optional)

For questions, please e-mail