Parkinson's COE Pilot Awardees

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2019 Pilot Awardees

"Dysregulation of mitochondrial chaperon and supercomplex assembly in neurodegeneration"
Yidong Bai, PhD, Professor
Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy

"Tubulin polymerization promoting protein in Parkinson's disease"
Swati Banerjee, PhD, Assistant Professor
Jean Bopassa, PhD, Associate Professor
Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology
"Analyisis of the relationship between alpha-syeuclein overexpression and the dysregulation of energy homeostasis in Parkinson's disease-related olfactory dysfunction"
Biju Chandu, PhD, Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine


"Development of novel proteasome activators targeting Parkinson's disease pathology"
Maria Gaczynska, PhD, Associate Professor
Pawel Osmulski, PhD, Associate Professor/Research
Department of Molecular Medicine

"A pilot investigation of wearable devices to detect REM sleep behavior disorder"
Mitzi Gonzales,  PhD, Assistant Professor
David Gonzalez, PhD, Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology

"The role of miroglial L-type calcium channels in development of Parkinson's disease pathology"
Sarah Hopp, PhD, Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Brij Singh, PhD, Professor
Department of Periodontics

"Miro1: A new molecular target for Parkinson's disease"
Madesh Muniswamy, PhD, Professor
Subramanya Srikantan, PhD, Instructor
Department of Medicine

"Alpha-synuclein imaging: A tool for Parkinson's disease research and clinical management"
Ramesh Neelamegam, PhD, Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology/Research Imaging Institute
"Increased HSP25 reduces stress sensitivity and loss of dopaminergic neuron activity through the NRF2 pathway in an LRRK2-model of Parkinson's disease"
Karl Rodriguez, PhD,Assistant Professor
Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy/Barshop Institute

2018 Pilot Awardees

Jean Bopassa, PhD

"Role of the Inner Mitochondrial Membrane Protein (Mitofilin) in Parkinson's Disease"

Jean C. Bopassa, PhD
Assistant Professor
Distinguished Junior Research Scholar
Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology


"Characterization of NADP Oxidase Expression in the Brain of Alpha Synuclein-Overexpressing Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease"

Biju Chandu, PhD


"Beta2-adrenergic Receptor Activiation and Risk of Parkinson's Disease"

Amrita Kamat, PhD

"Consolidation of a Novel Neuroprotective Therapy for Parkinson's Diseas in a New α-synuclein (A53T) Mouse Model"

Senlin Li, PhD

"Calcium Channels: Novel Targets for Parkinson's Disease"

Brij B. Singh, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
Department of Periodontics