Perry & Ruby Stevens Parkinson's Disease Seminar Series

Dates and speakers are subject to change.


 Date  Location  Speakers Topic
January 24, 2020
UT Health SA
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
Room 444B
Dr. Gabriel de Erausquin Deep learning applications to DBS structural and functional connectivity data in movement disorders: Prsonalization and prediction of outcomes
February 28, 2020
UT Health SA
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
Room 444B
Dr. Bess Frost
Pathogenic forms of tau disrupt the cellular program that maintains terminal neuronal differentiation
September 25, 2020
Virtual Seminar
Dr. Charles Wilson
The Basal Ganglia Circuit, 2020 Update
October 23, 2020
Virtual Seminar
Dr. Peter Fox
Imaging Biomarker Discovery Strategies for Parkinson's Syndromes
December 4, 2020
Virtual Seminar
Dr. Syed Imam


NanoTherapy for Parkinson’s disease:  A nicotine complex prevents neuronal damage and reverses electrophysiological function
February 26, 2021
Virtual Seminar Drs. Sarah Hopp & Ramesh Neelamegam
The role of microglial L-type calcium channels in Parkinson’s disease
a-Synuclein (a-Syn) Imaging: A Tool for Parkinson’s Disease Research and Clinical Management
March 26, 2021
Virtual Seminar
Drs. Maria Gaczynska & Yidong Bai
How to fix proteostasis in Parkinson's disease
Mitochondrial chaperon and neurodegeneration
April 23, 2021
Virtual Seminar
Dr. Charleen Chu
Branching Out: New Roles for PINK1   
May 21, 2021
Virtual Seminar
Dr. Wanli Smith
LRRK2 neurobiology and Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis 
September 24, 2021 Virtual Seminar Dr. Zhenyu Yue
Autophagy:  A Selective Eater That Protects the Brain
October 22, 2021
Virtual Seminar
Dr. Biju Chandu
Olfactory dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease: mechanism and utility as prodromal biomarker

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