PI Involvement

RRNET’s group of engaged physicians and diverse patient population provides an ideal setting for collaboration and learning.

RRNET is interested in collaborating with investigators on topics relevant to primary care.  We have examined a variety of issues, including alternative medicine use, diabetes, medication adherence, adolescent preventive care, health behaviors, obesity, chronic pain, and healthcare economics.  Our patient population provides an opportunity to study diversity in healthcare.  RRNeT clinics see people of all ages, from three major racial/ethnic groups, with a wide range of health insurance coverage, including self-pay.  If you are an investigator interested in conducting research in community outpatient settings, or in training settings, we want to hear from you. 
Dr. Inez Cruz can be contacted at cruzi@uthscsa.edu

View the PowerPoint presentation to learn more about how you can use PBRNs to advance translational research.

Do you have a research question you would like to answer in RRNeT?

Complete the form below and contact Inez Cruz, PhD (210-567-3043) to schedule an appointment. Each of the proposals are reviewed by the RRNeT Steering Committee for input and approval.  The Steering Committee meets every two months. 
RRNeT Research Proposal Submission Form

RRNeT  Research Proposal Submission Form (example)