Professional Resources for Primary Care Providers (by topic of interest)

Childhood Obesity
Texas Pediatric Society Obesity Toolkit
Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Overweight and Obesity

National Diabetes Education Program general information
Diabetes:  Shopping (YouTube informational videos), The ABC Study,
Diabetes Forecast, News and Research (ADA)
Improving the Care of Hispanics with Diabetes, a radio interview (mp3, 9MB)

Patient-Centered Medical Home
Building your PCMH?  Find step-by-step project plans and tools (AAFP)
PCMH 2011 content and scorring summary, overview and FAQs (NCQA)
Begin a journey towards a successful PCMH practice (ACP)
The PCMH:  12 tips to help you lead the way (TransformMED)
Transforming to a PCMH:  Lessons from the NDP

H1N1 information for health care providers (CDC)
Know what to do about the flu (
Coding and documentation for H1N1 vaccinations (AAFP) [AAFP Members only]
Preparing your office for an infectious disease epidemic (AAFP) [AAFP Members only]
Immunization and Influenza (Seasonal) (AAP)
Triage Protocol for Suspected Novel H1N1 Influenza Infection (AAFP)
“Cover your Cough” flyer English or Spanish

Useful Links
Healthy Texas (A health and wellness resource to community physicians and the general public)
SOAPnote (Where medical providers can improve documentation by building a catalogue of templates and calculators)
Medtango (Access comprehensive drug and disease information)

Top Medical Websites for Primary Care Clinicians
American Academy of Family Physicians
Mayo Clinic
Web MD  
National Library of Medicine (PubMed)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)