About the South Texas Psychiatric Network

Our goal is to develop the research infrastructure for generating practical, timely information that can be used by psychiatrists to enhance the quality and efficacy of mental health care. The network will conduct research using psychiatrists from the San Antonio region as well as the lower Rio Grande Valley operating within their own practices, in their own communities, and on their own patient pools.

A Brief History of the Network

The South Texas Psychiatric Practice-Based Network (PBRN) was founded by Dr. Cervando Martinez in 2009. Since then, the network has grown into an organization of community clinicians who collaborate together with UT Health Researchers and it is now led by Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy, MD. Dr. Robles-Ramamurthy is an Assistant Professor of Adult, Child and Forensic Psyciatry at UT Health San Antonio. This PBRN has a versatile membership of adult, child, and even forensic Psychiatrists. To our knowledge, this network is one of few, if not the only, local Psychiatric research networks in the United States. The network currently receives funding from the NIH

Research Projects 

Ideas for STX-PSYCH-PBRN research projects come from researchers, faculty members, psychiatrists, and community members.

Completed Projects:

  • Doctor-Patient Relationships
  • Examining Adverse Reactions of Patients During Sessions
  • Examining the Association of Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRI) and Alcohol
  • Usefulness of an Agenda Setting Tablet to Enhance the Patient-Doctor Relationship
  • Prescriber and Patient Perspectives on Polypharmacy


The STX-PSYCH-PBRN has been published in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, and is actively working on more publications to highlight current projects.


The STX-PSYCH-PBRN has had the opportunity to present their research at many local and out-of-state events focusing on Psychiatry and Community Engagement. Dissemination of findings is essential to the PBRN; therefore, we are always actively looking for opportunities. Members may also have access to PBRN funds to assist with presentation or travel fees.

Member Benefits 

How can the STX-PSYCH-PBRN benefit you?

  • CME Credit for Member Activities
  • PBRN meets once a quarter virtually
  • If you are interested in joining but have more questions please email preikschat@uthscsa.edu.
  • Definitely want to join? Please fill out this short form.