Where to Publish Your Results… What’s Your Opinion?

QUESTION: In what journals can articles on translational science, quality improvement initiatives, dissemination and implementation research, delivery systems science and other emerging healthcare fields be published?

Through this BLOG, the ISRN, fueled by discussions of the CTSA Nursing Special Interest Group (SIG), invites YOUR thinking about ‘where to publish manuscripts’ in the emerging fields of translational science, quality improvement studies, dissemination and implementation research, and newly-dubbed fields such as delivery systems science. The challenges for reaching readership emerge from the nature of the work: For example, the work is interprofessional, crosses academic-clinical-management lines, and often utilizes research designs other than RCTs. In T3-T4 research, there is the added question of whether quality improvement projects produced ‘new knowledge’ that is suitable for publishing (AKA, did it need IRB approval).  With the recent shift in the research enterprise precipitated by the NIH CTSA program, journals as dissemination channels are newly evolving and/or emerging to publish manuscripts in these fields.

The need to disseminate improvement research in peer-reviewed literature is widespread. Dissemination of QI initiatives will aid in the wide spread implementation of effective improvement strategies. However, clinical researchers and academic researchers alike are having difficulty in identifying target journal for the publication of their improvement strategies. Following a discussion of channels for dissemination of translational and improvement science articles, the CTSA Nursing Special Interest Group (SIG) in partnership with ISRN, is amassing your thinking about the best places to publish.  As an outgrowth of the discussion, a preliminary list of journals was assembled by ISRN member and STAR-2 research collaborative site principle investigator Heather L. Tubbs Cooley, PhD, RN, and ISRN

Kathleen R. Stevens, RN, EdD, FAAN, along with the ISRN Coordinating Center.