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Research Projects

Research Projects

Current Projects

ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly

Topic:  A National Institute on Aging clinical trial to test whether taking aspirin contributes to good health in seniors.

Purpose:  To determine whether low dose aspirin will extend the duration of disability-free life in an aging population. The study will examine whether the potential benefits of this drug (particularly the prevention of heart disease, stroke, and vascular dementia) outweigh the risks of severe bleeding in seniors ages 65 and older.
If you are interested in participating in ASPREE you can view a one-page overview of the project here.

Addressing Childhood Obesity in Primary Care

Background: Although childhood obesity is a major health problem in the United States, many physicians are not aware of all the elements in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Expert Committee recommendations on Assessment of Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity (Barlow 2007). AT the same time, some parents can misclassify their children, thinking they appear healthy even when they are overweight or obese (Contento 2003).

Purpose: The purpose of this survey study is to, 1) assess physicians’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding the management of childhood obesity in their practices; and, 2) assess parents’ perceptions of their child’s weight and body size, as well as usual diet, physical activity, and screen time (TV, computer, video games) behaviors in the household. If you are interested in participating in this survey study, please contact Walter Calmbach, MD at or at (210) 358-3200.

Completed Projects

Clinical Informatics Collaborative (CLIC)

Topic: Using a clinical decision support company to improve quality improvement in the ambulatory setting.

Purpose: The goal of CLIC is to utilize a tool called CINA to securely connect 21 clinic’s electronic medical record offering tools that enable a proactive approach to chronic disease management and prevention as well as reporting, benchmarking, and research.

A poster presentation by Holly G. Hayes, MSPH at the 2011 National AHRQ PBRN Conference in Bethesda, MD can be viewed here.

Community Acquired MRSA in your Practice

Topic: Community acquired (CA) MRSA skin infections; genetics, resistance, and treatment in a South Texas practice based research network.

Research Purpose: to (1) identify MRSA genes associated with antibiotic resistance and therapeutic failure, (2) describe wound characteristics associated with therapeutic failure, and (3) identify antibiotics and antibiotic dosing strategies associated with therapeutic failure.

A summation of the pilot results by Chris Frei, PharmD can be looked over here. A presentation by Dr. Frei at the 2010 2nd Annual PBRN Conference on the progress of the study can be viewed here.

Using Multi-Media for Colorectal Cancer Screening Education

Topic: Tailored interactive multimedia to reduce colorectal cancer screening disparities in South Texas.

Purpose: The study involves a randomized controlled trial of a new computer program, viewed by patients in their doctor’s office prior to a scheduled appointment, designed to help people who are potentially interested in colorectal cancer screening to actually undergo screening.

A presentation by Raquel Romero, MD at the 2010 2nd Annual PBRN Conference on the progress of the study can be viewed here.  A poster presentation by Dr. Romero on the lessons learned on Hispanic recruitment at the 2011 National AHRQ PBRN Conference can also be viewed here.