Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Q: What is the duration of KL2 support?
A: Appointment for KL2 Scholars is made on an annual basis. Two years of support as a KL2 Scholar is typical pending adequate progress in the first year.

Q: Do I have to have a faculty appointment?
A: Yes. In order to receive support by the KL2Program, each KL2 Scholar must be a faculty member and have the full support of their research mentor, home department, and school. Although faculty positions may be pending at the time of application, departmental commitment to a KL2 Scholar’s research career development is an important consideration in the review of applications.

Q: Does the program pay the Scholar’s salary?
A: KL2 Scholars receive an annual salary and related benefits up to 75% effort to the budget cap and commensurate with prior experience and academic rank.

Q: Is the salary from this training program taxable?
A: Yes. Salary is subject to state and federal income taxes. A tax advisor can provide further information.

Q: Can a KL2 salary be supplemented?
A: Yes, but with restrictions. An institution may supplement no more than 50 percent of the scholar’s KL2 awarded salary support, and this supplementation is only allowable with nonfederal sources of funding.

Q: If I am a faculty with a VA appointment, does this limit my eligibility for the KL2 program?
A: Possibly, depending upon the extent of commitment (percent effort) to the VA. Federal salaries cannot be considered as part of the KL2 commitment as federal salaries are separate appointments that are not included in the institutional appointment or payroll distribution. Thus, KL2 scholars may NOT be supplemented with VA sources in a manner to meet the basic eligibility requirement of a KL2 (75 percent of a full-time appointment with the institution).

Q: If a portion of KL2 salary is provided by a department, does this mean that the percent effort devoted to KL2 activities may be reduced?
A: No. At least seventy-five percent effort of a full-time position must continue to be dedicated to the KL2 activity regardless of the source(s) of salary funding. The fact that a department may fund a portion of the scholar's salary can in no case require the scholar to redirect effort toward Departmental priorities outside of those directed to the research and career development activities of the KL2.

Q: Is housing provided?
A: No. Assistance in identifying suitable housing is available.

Q: Are KL2 Scholars reimbursed for moving expenses?
A: No. The Program does not provide moving expenses, although individual Departments may do so.

Q: Can educational loans be deferred while I am in this program?
A: No.

Q: If I have applied for permanent resident status but have not yet received an alien registration card, am I eligible for KL2 support?
A: No.

Q: Do I need a research mentor to apply?
A: Yes. KL2 Scholars must have a Research Mentor(s) to apply to this Program. The qualifications and commitment of the Research Mentor(s) relative to the goals and objectives of the applicant is an important consideration in the review of KL2 Scholar applications.

Q: How do I select a mentor?
A: Your Mentor should be committed to helping you attain research goals. This may include direct support of research studies, assistance in experimental design, analysis/interpretation of research results, preparation for formal presentations, manuscripts, and grant applications. Note that additional mentorship will be provided by the KL2 Program Directors. Depending on the proposed research, additional mentors in fields of research expertise may also be advised.

Q: Are KL2 Scholars permitted to take courses?
A: Yes, KL2/RL5 Scholars will participate in a set curriculum of didactic activities in research ethics, design, analysis, and presentation and are encouraged to take other courses to supplement their individual backgrounds and research needs.

Q: Is travel support available for those who wish to attend scientific meetings?
A: Yes, each scholar will have a travel budget, which will typically cover one scientific meeting and one KL2 meeting per year.

Q: Is research support available for KL2 Scholars and their mentors?
A: Yes, for the KL2 program, each scholar will have a limited research budget from the NIH. 

Q: Am I eligible for the KL2 program if I have already applied for another career development award (including a Federal K award)? 
A: Please consult with one of the KL2 Directors regarding the timing of submission for KL2 support in relation to other career development awards. Contact either Dr. Joel Tsevat, Dr. Donald M. Dougherty,, or,  respectively.

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