K-PASEO Workshop


“The Way to the K”





The K-Paseo Seminar Series provides targeted training for writing a successful NIH K-series Career Development Grant Application. Each session covers a specific section of K-grant applications. The K-Paseo serminar series included instruction on the following topics:

Session 1 Candidate Video Slides
Session 2 Career Development Plan Video Slides
Session 3 Mentoring Plan Video Slides
Session 4 Research Plan Video Slides
Session 5 Environment and Institutional Commitment Slides
Session 6 Tying it all Together Video Slides
Session 7 Responding to Summary Statements Video Slides
Session 8        New NIH Grant Review & Scoring Video Slides

Each of these seminars is available for online viewing. Please click on the word 'Video' next to the seminar topic to link to the full video of the presentation or the word 'Slides' to view the slides used during the presentation.

Please note that these sessions may not reflect the most current K FOA.  Please refer to the NIH website for the most recent FOA and follow the instructions there.

In addition to these instructional sessions, participants can receive more targeted instruction and/or have the opportunity for critical appraisal and review of their applications though the Grant Writing with New Investigators (GWNI) program.

This career development program for early career research investigators is sponsored by the UT Health Science Center IIMS Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA).

If you are working on a career development award for submission in the near future, please take advantage of this information and training series. If you have any questions, please contact Kathlynn Wray at Wrayk@uthscsa.edu.

* pa·sé·o   Def: 1) A slow, easy stroll or walk outdoors; 2) the street or walkway along which such a walk is taken.