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CBDS Marketable Skills

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is proud to partner with the Texas Higher Education Board in helping students develop and build on skills employers’ value and seek out in job candidates.

Certificate in Biomedical Data Science Marketable Skills:

  1. Manage Data Science teams
  2. Collaboration effectively within healthcare organizations
  3. Leading data driven approaches to healthcare
  4. Assess and optimizes machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions for real-world performance
  5. Explain the social and ethical responsibilities of data scientists
  6. Utilize programming in R & Python to solve analytical problems in medical practice
  7. Program in R & Python to solve analytical problems in medical practice
  8. Use R, Python and Javascript and the software tools that interoperate with them
  9. Develop user friendly and powerful data science applications
  10. Utilize cross-cutting best practices for developing informative visualizations.
  11. Apply supervised and unsupervised techniques for machine learning
  12. Utilize random forests, support vector machines, boosting, deep learning, K-means clustering and mixture models
  13. Apply data scientific algorithms to overcome healthcare challenges

The Office of Career Development

UT Health San Antonio graduate students have access to the GSBS Office of Career Development (OCD). The OCD provides career and professional development training opportunities including individual meetings/career counseling, workshops & seminars. The OCD also works with the Graduate School’s Career Advisory Council and provides career exploration talks. The OCD provides graduate students a framework to discover next steps in their career along with resources to encourage and prepare graduate students for the future.