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MSCI-TS Non-TX Resident Tuition and Fees

MSCI-TS Non-TX Resident Tuition and Fees


Tuition and Fees – Degree Cost Estimate

MSCI-TS Degree Requires the Completion of 30 SCH Coursework: 19 Required/11 Elective

Non-TX Resident – Full Time Student Estimated Cost Degree

Semester SCH Tuition per SCH Fees per Semester Estimated Cost per Semester
Fall YR1 9 $679.07 $1,836.50 $7,948.13
Spring YR1 10 $679.07 $1,836.50 $8,627.20
Fall YR2 10 $679.07 $1,836.50 $8,627.20
Spring YR2 1 $679.07 $1,836.50 $2,515.57
Estimated Total Cost of Degree $27,718.10

  *= Students must enroll in TSCI 6098 (Thesis) last semester. Includes $100 Graduation Fee

  • Non-Texas Resident Tuition per Semester Credit Hour (SCH) = $679.07 (Tuition estimate is a combination of Statutory, Differential, Designated, and Designated [Deregulated] Tuition Fees).
  • Estimated Fees Per Semester W/GSBS Health Ins = $1,883.5

Note: Estimate includes Fitness Center, Student Service, Medical Service, Library, GSBS Health Insurance Fees ($1,271).


Tuition and Fees subject to change without notice.

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