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Degree Requirements

Individualized Degree Plan

Prior to the start of the first semester, it is recommended that each student admitted into the TS PhD program meet with a TS PhD Academic/Graduate Advisor at the home institution to discuss research and career goals and establish an individual curriculum to meet those goals. The individualized curriculum may be modified as the student’s goals mature, subject to review and approval by the Academic/Graduate Advisor and/or Supervising Professor, as long as all course requirements are met or exceeded.


Course Requirements

A minimum of 72 hours of graduate coursework is required for the translational science doctoral degree candidate. An overall grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained for program continuation and completion.

TS PhD program also offers a Data Science track defined as 12 semester credit hours, which are counted towards the 72 hours of graduate coursework required to complete the program.

The plans of study and specific courses to be taken by students will vary, depending on individual student interest, student background/discipline, and program goals.

All translational science doctoral students will be required to take a minimum of:

  • 24 hours of Core Curriculum:  Core courses will provide essential knowledge, skills, and training in the competencies necessary to conduct translational science research.  Where courses are offered with similar content within multiple UT components, students may choose the one course that meets their individualized needs and/or is more convenient for them.
  • 18 hours of Electives:  A Directed Elective, Topics in Translational Science, is required for two of the total elective hours and may be used to fulfill either the remaining elective requirement. Students must register for Topics in TS in two semesters to meet the Directed Elective requirement, and they may register up to three additional times for elective credit. Prescribed electives will provide additional depth and breadth specific to each student’s track. If more than one course meets the requirements, as with the core courses, students will select the course that most effectively meets their educational needs from a list of recommended courses.
  • 30 hours of research/dissertation:  The TS PhD is a research intensive program of study. For this reason, students are encouraged to become involved in research and may begin taking supervised Research credit hours in the first semester of enrollment, with approval from an Advisor, Supervising Professor, or the TS PhD Program Director. Enrollment in Dissertation hours will begin after the student has selected a Supervising Professor and Dissertation Committee, developed a research proposal, passed the Qualifying Exam, and is admitted into candidacy (upon recommendation by the Dissertation Committee and TS PhD Program Director, and approval by the Graduate Dean). A minimum of 30 hours combined of research and dissertation hours are required for completion of the TS PhD degree, along with other requirements.