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Clinical Service Core Policy

Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science. UT Health Science Center, The First Program

Clinical Service Core Policy for the IIMS-FIRST Program
The Frederic-Bartter Institutional Resource to Support Translation (FIRST) Program has been constituted under the Institute for the Integration of Medicine & Science (IIMS) to support translational clinical science among the facilities of the IIMS Institutional partners. This mission will be supported through the Clinical Service Core Policy of the IIMS. The FIRST Program has three Clinical Research Units (sites) with a limited capacity 4th component which is mobile.

  1. The Bartter Research Unit (BRU) is an inpatient/outpatient adult unit located within the Bartter Center on unit 7.A in the VA-hospital.
  2. The FIRST Outpatient Research Unit (FORU) – an outpatient unit located at 3939 Medical Drive.
  3. The FIRST - Mobile Unit to support other clinical sites in and around the South Texas Medical Center.


***We are currently updating our cost-leveraging policy ***

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