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Timothy Duong, PhD - TEST
I am extremely grateful for the multiple IIMS/CTSA Pilot and TTR grant awards from the IIMS/CTSA over the past 3 years. The missions of our laboratory are to develop in-vivo MRI technologies for studying the brain and the retina, in animal models and humans. We focus on applying these imaging technologies to study ischemic stroke and retinal disease (retinal degeneration and diabetic retinopathy) in both animal models and humans. These IIMS/CTSA awards broadly supported all major aspects of our work and missions, and they have helped to move our research forward.


Description of IIMS/CTSA awards- TEST
Pilot Projects - The primary goal of this program is to support early-stage collaborative translational and clinical studies that will lead to increased interdisciplinary, institutional, and community-based research likely to compete successfully for national grant support and ultimately to impro