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The Institute for Integration of Medicine & Science is proud to announce that the F grant workshop (F-Troop) will begin soon.

Date: Wednesdays beginning September 20. 2017
Time: 5:00 pm (1-2 hours)
Room: 331.5B (Medical School, Pathology Conference Room)
Faculty: Linda M. McManus, PhD

Seminar Format: F-Troop is conducted in a small group, informal format. The sessions include discussion of the NIH peer-reivew process, including communications with NIH officials and selection of study section, as well as UTHSA-associated requirements. Most importantly, major effort is devoted to case-by-case presentations and evaluation/discussion of F grant components prepared by individual trainees.  This interactive group effort provides friendly, but frank, feedback toward the goal of submitting a competitive F application.

More information and schedule here...