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Project Awarded K23 from NIDDK

Kathlynn Wray Image Dr. Kathryn Kanzler (KL2 Scholar) was awarded a 4-year K23  from NIDDK) for the project, Acceptance Based Coping (ABC) Skills Delivered by Promotores for Hispanic/Latino Patients with T2DM. Her training and research will be guided by multidisciplinary mentors/advisors including Drs. Amelie Ramirez, Ralph DeFronzo, Jacqueline Pugh, Erin Finley, Carolina González Schlenker and Joel Tsevat. Dr. Jim Aikens (University of Michigan) and Dr. Evan Forman (Drexel University) will also serve as training advisors. Her study focuses on culturally tailoring and task-shifting core skills of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to community health workers (Promotores) with the goal of helping to improve glycemic control and quality of life for Hispanic/Latino patients with T2DM.