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The Perry & Ruby Stevens Parkinson's Disease Center of Excellence 2021-2022 Pilot Project Awardees


Swati Banerjee, Associate Professor, Cellular & Integrative Physiology
Developing a drug discovery platform to identify inhibitors of alpha-synuclein aggregation using an in vivo Drosophila model system

Kevin Bieniek, Assistant Professor, Biggs Institute
Characterizing neuronal and glial autophagy in Lewy body disease and multiple system atrophy

Biju Chandu, Assistant Professor, Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Assessment of olfactory sensory map in an alpha-synuclein-preformed fibril model of Parkinson’s disease

Senlin Li, Professor, Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Macrophage Infiltration into the brain and their fates in Parkinson’s disease