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12th Annual Frontiers of Translational Science Research Day Award Winners - May 4, 2022

Student Category

Subash Khadka, MS
"Identification and Characterization of the mediator kinase-dependent myometrial stem cell phosphoproteome”
Department of Molecular Medicine - UT Health San Antonio

Sara Masoud, MPH
“Project ECHO: Brain Health Training for Community Health Workers”
Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences- UT Health San Antonio

Desarey Morales Vasquez
“Broad-Spectrum Antivirals against ZIKV”
Disease Intervention & Prevention - UT Health San Antonio & Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Derek Rodriguez, MS
“Fractalkine isoforms using gene therapy differentially regulate microglia
activation and vascular damage in the diabetic retina”

Translational Science - The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)

Post Doctoral Fellow Category

 Valentina Garbarino, PhD
"Tau microtubule stabilizing protein is required for the neural senescence stress response”
Department of Medicine  - Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases UT Health San Antonio

Clinical Fellow Category

Angelo Ciaraglia, MD
"Analysis of Transportation Mode on Outcome Analysis in Adult Trauma Patients”
Department of Surgery - UT Health San Antonio

Junior Faculty Category

Susanne Schmidt, PhD
“Towards Standardization and Harmonization of Individual Contextual Social
Determinants of Health Data within Clinical Translational Science Award Institutions”

Population Health Sciences  - UT Health San Antonio

Senior Faculty Category

Charles Mathias, PhD
“Fighting an Epidemic in a Pandemic: Naxloxone Distribution and Training under COVID-19 Restrictions”
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences   - UT Health San Antonio

Other Category

Kathryn Crouch
“SR-B1 Targeted Nanoparticle Delivery of Novel Anthracyclines to Ewing’s Tumors”
Greehey Children’s Cancer Institute - UT Health San Antonio

Special Recognition

Arhan Rao
Discoidin Domain Receptor Tyrosine Kinase 2: A Novel Driver of Osteosarcoma”
Health Careers High School

Margarita Solis
"Chemokine Receptor Anatagonists Modify Fentanyl Antinociception and Motor Function”
Health Careers High School


The Institute for Integration of Medicine & Science (IIMS) would like to thank all the Poster Presenters for their participation. 
Each winner receives a certificate and a $500 domestic travel/educational award to attend any educational conference, seminar, or workshop (some restrictions apply). Winners should contact us at when ready to spend their award.