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Bioethics Conference

 CCTST LogoWe invite you to attend the upcoming bioethics conference entitled, Pushing the Boundaries: Scientific Innovations in Bioethics, Thursday and Friday April 11-12, 2019, sponsored by the University of Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST), the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Ethics Center, and the University of Cincinnati Office of Research. The conference brings together clinicians, scientists, and clinical and research ethicists to discuss many of today’s more pressing issues within biomedical research.

The conference will ask participants to reflect on the impact of new developments in preclinical and clinical research affecting health and how these areas of research are influenced by various ethical, moral, social, practical, legal and scientific viewpoints. The two-day conference is a chance for you to learn from leading scholars and participate in conversations surrounding the ethics and innovation of such timely topics as regenerative medicine, organ transplantation, right-to-try clinical care, alternative study designs, and tissue preservation. 

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