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NUCATS tools for CTSA multidiciplinary research teams

This exciting new tool is an open suite of e-learning resources designed to foster learning and skill development in Team Science. addresses a broad audience of researchers at multiple career stages, research development officers and administrators, and students and educators interested in conducting and/or facilitating team science in biomedical and clinical sciences. The system enables learners to gain access to information relevant to forming, leading, and evaluating teams that realizes the benefits of a conversation with a human expert.  These e-learning resources have been generously sponsored by grants from the NIH and are free to use and disseminate. 
  • Provides junior and senior faculty investigators and research development officers examples of real world scenarios unique to cross-disciplinary, team-based research. 
  • Four self-guided learning modules in all
    • The “Science of Team Science—SciTS” module introduces key concepts of team science by showcasing successful national multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary research programs, and introduces learners to empirical and theoretical research that provides evidence-based guidance about effective science teams through interviews with prominent team science experts and a presentation of their findings.  
    • The Behavioral Team Science module takes learners through a series of simulations as a senior investigator applying for an interdisciplinary program project grant.
    • The Biomedical Team Science module takes learners through a series of simulations as a research development officer working with a senior investigator to develop a very large, transdisciplinary research center.
    • And the Clinical Team Science module takes learners through as series of simulations as an early career physician scientist developing a collaborative clinical trial proposal.