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The Team Science Toolkit

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The Team Science


·         Are you an investigator using team science approaches who needs tools to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your team science projects?  

·         Are you a team science scholar or evaluator who is interested in applying existing measures in your work? 

·         Are you an administrator who is looking to create an environment that is more supportive of team science approaches, or the study of team science? 

·         Do you have resources or publications that you wish to share with a broad audience of individuals interested in team science?

·         Are you interested in connecting with team science practitioners and scholars across disciplines and fields?


The Team Science Toolkit offers valuable resources to enable all of these goals.  Developed by the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Science of Team Science (SciTS) team, the Team Science Toolkit is an interactive website, based on a wiki platform, where visitors can freely upload and download publicly available resources for the study and praxis of team science. Examples include measures and instruments to study team science, bibliographic entries, publications, and tools to support and facilitate team science approaches. 


The Toolkit also offers a number of ways to connect with colleagues, including a blog by team science experts with related online discussion; a user-generated directory of team science experts; a link to register for the SciTS listserv co-sponsored by the NCI SciTS Team and Research Team Support & Development (RTS&D) at the NUCATS Institute; and a user-generated News and Events bulletin board.


The beta version of the Toolkit debuted at the Second Annual International SciTS Conference, in Chicago, on April 11-14, 2011.  It currently includes 325 resources to support team science approaches and scholarship on team science.  Titles of recently uploaded resources include: Preempting Discord: Prenuptial Agreements for Scientists; The Collaboration Productivity Scale; and a Comprehensive List of Collaborative Funding Mechanisms.  In each issue of this newsletter, we will highlight additional recently added resources. 


Please visit the Toolkit website, at, to explore the other 321 resources currently available, add resources to share with other Toolkit users, and sign up for the SciTS listserv!  We also welcome your comments on the website. 


Please send comments to Dr. Amanda Vogel, at: