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RFA for Non-Human Primate Studies at Wake Forest

Wake Forest School of Medicine Wake Forest Primate Signature Program provides access to nonhuman primates (NHPs) and related resources for studies that advance the CTSA network’s translational research objectives.  To assist new NHP researchers, the Program is providing funds and significant technical and faculty support for pilot studies, including in vivo studies conducted at Wake Forest, with no requirement for the awardee to be on-site. Ex vivo and data projects are also supported. The objective is to facilitate the collection of data from NHPs in support of applications for extramural funding. 

We are pleased to offer two awards in 2021, each with a budget cap of $20,000.   We will consider scientific requests that translate preclinical or clinical observations, and prioritize non-terminal studies.  

Statement of Eligibility: Applications are open to faculty members of CTSA supported institutions, or post-doctoral KL2 trainees.

Application Process: Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent (1 page maximum) by March 26th, 2021 to:  An invitation to apply, or notification that you have not been selected, will be sent by April 5th 2021.

Please email for answers to any questions, and for guidance in developing a proposal.