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Instructions for Email Citation

Instructions for Email Citation

Adding citation image to email signature

Instructions for adding the citation image to an Outlook email signature block:

Cite & Submit Webpage 

Right click on the image above and select copy image

Open Outlook

If you need to create a signature, click here for instructions for Outlook 2021.

From the Outlook main menu, click File (upper left), Click Options from left side menu, then select Mail.

Select Signature (on far right side, 3rd item from top)

Select the signature block that you want to edit and it will appear in the box at the bottom.

Scroll to the bottom of the text where you want to place the image. (If you have the old image, then left click to select it, and delete it)

Right click, select ‘Paste (keep source formatting)’.

Left click on the image to select it, click on the hyperlink option

Enter in the Address box, click OK

Click OK to finish editing the signature block.

Click OK again to close the File Menu.


Testing the link –

You can simply send yourself an email to make sure the image is correct and the link works


Open a new email message.

You should see the image in your signature block.

Move the mouse over the image, press CTRL + left click.

You should see the page on Citing the IIMS/CTSA grant display in your default browser.

If not, try the steps above again.