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Admission Requirements

PhD in Translational Science Admission Requirements

The TS PhD program is an advanced scientific research doctoral program.  Admission into the TS PhD program is based on a student’s total record of achievements.  Application materials are evaluated by the Admissions Committee of the multi-institutional TS PhD Program Committee on Graduate Studies (TS COGS).  Applicants to the TS PhD program must demonstrate:

  • One or more of the following academic requirements:
    1. Completion of an advanced Professional Degree (e.g., MD, DO, DDS, MSN, PharmD) from a U.S. university or international equivalent
    2. A Master’s or Doctoral Degree in a health-related, science, or social science discipline from a U.S. university or international equivalent.
    3. Enrollment in a doctoral or master’s degree program with intent to graduate prior to the semester for which application is being made.
    4. Enrollment as a MD/PhD student with successful completion of the two-year pre-clinical curriculum
  • Prior research or related experience
  • MCAT, or other equivalent degree examination scores. GRE scores are not required, however, if submitted they will be considered in the application review and must be taken within 5 years of applying.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo scores (for applicants from a country where English is not the native language)
  • Documentation of potential for success in the degree program and as a translational science professional
University Faculty and Staff as Students in the TS PhD Program

Residents or fellows in an approved residency or fellowship program may enroll as full-time or part-time students, as determined by the residency program.  Any faculty member (tenured or non-tenured) may pursue an advanced degree in an institution of The University of Texas System other than the university that employs the faculty member.  Non-tenured university faculty may pursue an advanced degree at their university of employment with the written recommendation of his/her department chair and approval of the appropriate Dean and the President.  Approved faculty and staff may enroll in coursework only as part-time students and are encouraged to work with their College Dean, Department Chair, and/or Supervisor to determine availability and approval of release time for the completion of the educational and research activities required by the TS PhD program.  The amount of course work that can be taken by faculty or staff in a given semester is subject to the ‘quantity of work’ rules outlined in each university’s Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP).  Any approved release time should be in accordance with university policy.

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