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2016 IIMS Community Engagement Symposium Posters

Determination of a More Reliable and Acceptable Saliva Collection Method for Biomarker Research – Yvette Rodriguez, Zaina Irion-Byrd, and M. Danet Lapiz-Bluhm

South Texas AHEC’s Community Health Topic Survey and Research Registry (CHaTS) – Deborah Parra-Medina, Janna Lesser, and Joe Zapata

Comal TAB: Translating Research to a Community Family Violence Outreach Initiative – Susan Bell, Awilda Ramos, Nancy Pappas, Gwen Mills, Krystal Batteen, Kate Martin, Paula Winkler,and Ariel Gomez

Wintergarden Collaborative: Engaging Our Communities for Collective Impact to Address Health Disparity – Jorge Botello, Alfredo Zamora, Dori Trevino, Paula Winkler, Julie Bazan, Jaime Lopez, Sandra Trevino, and Theressa Lyons

Re-Engineering Discharge from the Emergency Room: Identification of Processes that Impede Effective Communication About the Importance of Follow-up Care – Linda Luna, Rose Marie Ramos, Paula Vasichko, Amy Smith, Liem Du, Patricia Galindo, and Gillian Schmitz

Social and Economic Determinants of Health-Seeking Behavior: Identifying Barriers to Post-Emergency Room Care – Ricardo Pedraza, Paula Winkler, Liem Du, Rose Marie Ramos, and Gillian Schmitz

Implementing HCV Screening and Linkage to Care for Baby Boomers in Primary Care – Andrea Rochat, Barbara J Turner, Ryan Whitworth, and Shruthi Vale Arismendez

Linking Older Primary Care Patients to Community-based Senior Centers – Polly Noel, Erin P. Finley, Chen-Pin Wang, Mary Bollinger, Sara Espinoza, and Helen Hazuda

HPV Associated Oral Cancer in South Texas – Stephanie Rowan, Shirley L. Hu, Songjiang Luo, Stan McGuff, Hongxin Fan, Joel Michalek, and Spencer W. Redding

Need for Continued Surveillance for South Texas Minority Populations – Yvette Rodriguez, Jennifer Clark, Shaylyn Hoffman, Maleka Najmi, Michele Schantz, and M. Danet Lapiz-Bluhm

Home Evaluation Intervention for Community-dwelling, Homebound Seniors – Bridgett Piernik-Yoder and Autumn Clegg

Community Collaborative to Prevent Cancer in the South Coastal Area: Promoting HPV Vaccination in School Settings – L. Aubree Shay, Belinda Flores, Elizabeth Saenz, Angelina Wittich, and Melissa A. Valerio

Salud al Pasito: Small Steps Toward Better Health – Ryan Reyes, Preeti Singhal, Matt Straight, Morgan Fletcher, Neveda Murugesan, Mahsa Madani, David Henzi, and Paula Winkler

Colorectal Cancer Perceptions Among Texas Coastal Bend Residents – Angelina Wittich, Belinda Flores, Elisabeth M. De La Rosa, Taylor Mackay, L. Aubree Shay, and Melissa A. Valerio

The Power of Seed: A CBPR Project – Socorro Escandon, Martha Martinez, and Madelein Santibanez

Collecting Data in Frio County for Community-Based Research – Sandra Trevino, Jaime Lopez, Pastor Tom Winter, Margie Villanueva, Jorge Botello, Jocelin Villarreal, Ida Cantu, and Cassandra Onofre

Atascosa Health Center: Community Health Needs Assessment – Monty Small, Melissa A. Valerio, Elisabeth de la Rosa, Ashley Hernandez, and Kate Martin

An Analysis of Patient Mental Health Effects on the Complexity of Family Medicine Visits – Jennifer Daniels, Sandra Burge, PhD, and The Residency Research Network

Strategies to Streamline Practitioner Recruitment in National Dental PBRN Studies – Rahma Mungia, Thomas Oates, Stephanie Reyes, Meredith Buchberg, Colleen Dolan, and Gregg Gilbert

Bexar TAB: Linking Community Based Research to Emerging Primary Care Workforce – Ariel Gomez, Pegeen Seger, Raquel Salinas, Steven Sano, Ludivina Hernandez, Edna Cruz, Dianna Morganti, and Albert Pedroza

Residency Research Network of Texas: A 2016 Update – Sandra Burge and Jennifer Daniels

Pilot Study to Develop & Evaluate the South Texas Psychiatric PBRN’s Session Conversation Starter Tablet-Based Agenda Setting Tool to Enhance Psychiatric Follow-up Visits – Cervando Martinez, Alejandro Machuca, Christina Quintanilla, and Jennifer Daniels

STOP HCC: A Community Outreach Approach – Barbara Turner, Laura Tenner, Barbara Riske, Raudel Bobadilla, Ludivina Hernandez, Andrea Rochat, Paula Winkler, Raquel Romero, Belinda Flores, Mamta Jain, Amit Singal