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STOHN is a practice-based research network (PBRN) dedicated to developing a research infrastructure for generating practical and timely information to enhance the quality and efficacy of oral health care. STOHN members are practicing dentists and dental hygienists in South Texas who help to develop and implement dental research where it really matters – in their practices.

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2023 Smokeless Tobacco Study

There is currently very little research done on smokeless tobacco (ST) and it is a global public health threat. Health effects linked to ST use include oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, oral diseases such as periodontitis, precancerous lesions, risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, reproductive health effects, and overall mortality. San Antonio has a multicultural population due to diverse racial/ethnic groups from around the world and would benefit from a study to understand the attitudes and behaviors of the diverse population, including immigrants, young adults, and other community members (military, various sports, and occupations), regarding SLT practices. The researchers hope to learn the attitudes and behaviors of smokeless tobacco use and cessation practices through a focus group setting with community members and practicing dental providers. We are currently recruiting dental practitioners.

Interested? Please email Dr. Mungia.

Frenotomy Chart Review Study

Recently, there is concern about the over-performance of surgeries on the maxillary labial frenum. From 2003 to 2012, there was a 5-fold increase in frenotomies, with the intention to prevent caries in the area. Post-operative complications from this procedure are often pain, bleeding, and scarring, which can potentiate diastema formation between the maxillary central incisors. This study is designed to gather data on the prevalence and level of maxillary labial attachments and their relationship to the presence of maxillary caries in healthy children 6-months to 3 years of age. Data will also be gathered on practitioner behaviors and beliefs regarding maxillary anterior frenotomies. The researchers hope to learn more about the correlation between maxillary labial attachments and the presence of caries through a chart review to help inform future guidelines. Please refer to the flyer for more information.

Interested? Please email our Research Coordinator Caitlin Sangdahl