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Dissemination & Implementation

Dissemination & Implementation

Enhancing Capacity and Promoting D&I Best Practices

The IIMS Community Engagement Team is committed to enhancing capacity and promoting best D&I research practices relevant to our partners and region. Our collaborations assemble cross-disciplinary expertise to solve vexing problems. Our goal is to expand productive partnerships between front-line practitioners who understand their workflows and practical constraints and experienced D&I researchers who can offer cutting-edge frameworks, approaches, and evaluation strategies.

What is D&I Research?

Dissemination Research: The scientific study of targeted distribution of information and intervention materials to a specific public health or clinical practice audience. The intent is to understand how best to communicate and sustain knowledge and the associated evidence-based interventions.

Implementation Research: The scientific study of the use of strategies to adopt and integrate evidence-based health interventions into clinical and community settings to improve care, patient outcomes, and population health.

D&I Science Resources

The Demystifying Implementation Research Workshop: Basics to Beyond provided faculty and clinical scientists partnered with a Clinical Translational Science Award Hub an opportunity to learn more about how Implementation Research investigates adoption, integration, and sustainability of evidence-based practices in world settings to improve population health. This workshop is open to faculty and clinical scientists partnered with a Clinical Translational Science Hub, interested in Improvement Science. Click here to read the Final Workshop Report.

Implementation Science Research Development (ImpRes) Tool and Guide
This tool provides step-by-step instructions for developing an implementation science research study. Click here to access the Tool and Guide.

Orientation to the Science of Dissemination and Implementation
This National Cancer Institute – Training Institute for Dissemination & Implementation Research in Cancer (TIDIRC) introductory video includes featured speakers Rinad Beidas, PhD – University of Pennsylvania, Cara Lewis, PhD – Kaiser Permanente, and Byron Powell, PhD 9 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Click here to watch full video..

Open-Access TIDIRC 
This 6-part webinar series provides an introduction and orientation to the science of Dissemination & Implementation. Click here to view webinar series.

Recommended Resource List for Dissemination & Implementation Research Studies
This Resource List  has been adapted from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation (TIDIRC) Open Access modules.