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Services PBRNs

The mission of the PBRN Resource Center is to promote academic-community clinician relationships by building successful Practice-Based Research Networks in South Texas. To fulfill this mission, the PBRN Resource Center provides infrastructure development, training, research development and consultation to investigators and PBRN community members.  Services include:

PBRN Infrastructure Assistance
  • Facilitate the development of PBRNs, regardless of discipline
  • Connect PBRNs to the broader Community Engagement program within the Institute for the Integration of Medicine and Science
  • Respond to questions from PBRN staff and members and search for answers
  • Provide guidance, tools, and templates on how to form a Practice-Based Research Network (infrastructure, by-laws, job descriptions, meetings, board structure)
  • Provide funding opportunity updates
  • Link you to other PBRNs of similar disciplines across the nation
  • Assist in the evaluation of the progress of your network
  • Provide Humans Subjects Protection Training to Network members and office staff
  • Coordinate training of office staff on research methods in the practice
  • Enhance scholarship in research skills with clinicians
  • Encourage academic investigators and community clinicians to participate in research
  • Promote interdisciplinary research across networks
  • Provide website support for your network content
  • Advertise your network with community members and other academic investigators
  • Provide input on your marketing plan and recruitment efforts

Do you want to learn more about PBRNs and how you can participate? Contact the PBRN Resource Center today at