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How to Request Use of the FORU Outpatient Research Services

How to Request Use of the FORU Outpatient Research Services

To utilize the facilities:

  • All studies wanting to utilize the MARC Clinical Research Space must submit all FIRST Program Application documents for approval
  • Access is limited to those approved by the FIRST Program
    • A list of study personnel requesting access should be submitted to the FIRST Program for approval; a list of approved personnel will be submitted to UT Police
    • One approved the study team will be provided the code to the door
  • Studies that are not utilizing FIRST Program support will need to provide all study supplies
    • Please keep in mind that storage space is available but very limited
    • Please coordinate storage needs with Kim Medellin (
  • Please sign in on the Visit Log located at the reception desk when using the space without FORU staff assistance so that we can track utilization
  • Exam Rooms, Office/Interview Rooms and the Conference Room are scheduled through the FIRST Program by emailing or faxing a request to the FORU ( or 450-9022)
    • Please notify the FORU of any cancellations/no-shows as soon as possible so that the space can be utilized by other studies
    • FORU Nursing support should be scheduled as far in advance is possible
    • For last minute visit requests please call the FORU for scheduling (450-9022)
  • The Specimen Processing Room, waiting room and intake area are communal spaces
    • Please be considerate of other studies needs when utilizing these spaces
    • All specimens should be removed from the Specimen Processing Room when finished with study visits
  • Be sure to clean up the space when you are done
  • Ensure all equipment and lights are turned off and ensure the door is closed securely and locked when you leave

For Additional Information to utilize FORU services, please see:

Investigator Tools: 

The CTSA is pleased to provide support for your research.  When you publish a paper based on data collected using CTSA resources, please remember to cite the CTSA grant (8UL1TR000149) in any publication resulting from CTSA funding and to register your publication with PubMed Central.