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Community Engagement Activities

Enhancing Capacity and Promoting Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Best Practices
The IIMS Community Engagement Team is committed to enhancing capacity and promoting best D&I research practices relevant to our partners and region. Our collaborations assemble cross-disciplinary expertise to solve vexing problems. Our goal is to expand productive partnerships between front-line practitioners who understand their workflows and practical constraints and experienced D&I researchers who can offer cutting-edge frameworks, approaches, and evaluation strategies. Read more...

The Demystifying Implementation Research Workshop: Basics to Beyond provided faculty and clinical scientists partnered with a Clinical Translational Science Award Hub an opportunity to learn more about how Implementation Research investigates adoption, integration, and sustainability of evidence-based practices in world settings to improve population health. This workshop is open to faculty and clinical scientists partnered with a Clinical Translational Science Hub, interested in Improvement Science. Go here to read the Final Workshop Report.

Texas Implementation Science (TEX-IS) is a learning and working collaborative dedicated to increasing capacity for high quality implementation science within the Texas Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA) Hubs. This collaborative assembles shared resources that promote D&I training. Working groups that share focus areas, either topic or methodology are supported by TEX-IS.  If you are interested in joining the TEX-IS LISTSERV, go here.

IIMS Community Engagement Small Project Grants
Our goal is to promote, develop, and expand community-academic partnerships for the translation of science from basic discovery, to clinical practice, to public health benefit. The project funds can be used to develop new projects or expand current projects
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Community Engagement Hero Awards
This awards program recognizes outstanding individuals who have worked as part of a community and research partnership built on a foundation of reciprocal learning and trust for the improved health and well-being of South Texas communities. The possible award categories include: Outstanding Student Award, Outstanding Community Partner Award, Outstanding Research Partner Award, and Outstanding Community Health Improvement Project

IIMS Community Engagement Symposium
Translational science describes how research discoveries are translated from basic science, to clinical practice, to public health benefit.  This symposium addresses methods for developing and enhancing community and academic collaborations for the translation of research
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IIMS T1 to T4 in 3 (Minutes) Challenge
This virtual challenge highlights multidisciplinary UT Health SA research projects that fall within the spectrum of translational science. Presenters share their research in 3 minutes to a live, mixed audience of community members, students, and faculty utilizing language and concepts that are easy to understand – with 1 slide.

View the 2022 T1 to T4 in 3 (Minutes) Challenge here.