Research Projects

Current Projects

Prescriber & Patient Perspectives of Benefits & Problems due to Multiple Psychotropic Medication Prescription

This project is currently in project devleopment status. 

More to come. 

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Jennifer Daniels at 210-562-5653 or

Tablet-Based Agenda Setting Tool and Enhancement of Follow-up Visits

Topic: Pilot study to develop & evaluate the South Texas Psychiatric PBRN's Session Conversation Starter Tablet-Based Agenda Setting Tool (SCS TBAST) to enhance psychiatric follow up visits.

Purpose: To promote collaborative decision-making between psychiatrist and their patients by testing an agenda-setting tool for patient activation.

We have finished with data collection, and we are currently working on data analysis and developing a manucsript. 

Completed Projects

SSRIs and Alcohol Risk

Topic:  Prediction of differential outcomes of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) treatment in psychiatric outpatients:  A possible role of alcohol and serotonergic endotypes.

Purpose:  To examine if the phenomenological classification approach used to subtype alcoholism can also predict SSRI therapeutic benefit or risk of drinking among the general population of psychiatric outpatients.

We have collected data from both private practices and several Army Behavioral Medicine Clinics in San Antonio. We are in the data analysis stage for this project and, wea re currently working on developing a manuscript. 

Examining Negative Reactions: A Feasibility Study

Purpose:  To examine the rate of negative reactions to patients among psychiatrists as well as to test the feasibility of the network members working together to complete a project.

See presentation on results here.

Examination of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Purpose: In an effort to expand upon the first card study that documented the psychiatrist’s negative reactions to their patients, the Network developed a more complex card that asked for more demographics and included a Likert Scale that was created by the group as well as a 10 question survey about the doctor patient relationship that had already been validated in primary care clinics (Hahn, 1996).

A summation of the results can be looked over here. A presentation presented by Dr. Randall Sellers at the 2010 PBRN Convocation can be seen here

Future Projects

Top Research Priorities

  • Poly-Pharmacy
  • Treatment of Bipolar Depression
  • Suicide: Prevalence, Incidence and Management
  • Incidence of serotonin syndrome
  • Use of low preference drugs due to restrictions

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