Generating Evidence that matters in Psychiatry

The South Texas Psychiatric Practice-Based Research Network is comprised of a group of psychiatrists from San Antonio and surrounding counties, Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley who work together and with other investigators at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio to develop research projects that will help improve the quality of care they provide for their patients. The network develops ideas for research projects on topics important to both the psychiatrists and the patients they care for. In addition, the network members also provide feed-back to other researchers about new research questions, methods, and results so that they are more relevant to both the psychiatrists and their patients. Overall, this network serves as a “community of learning” where the wisdom and experience of its members can be drawn on to improve patient care.

Our mission is to improve patient care and advance clinical knowledge through practice-based research in psychiatry.





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Member Spotlight

Jose GarciaJosé G. García, MD, MPH
"Laredo Texas has always been on the periphery of any research programs and for me being involved with the South Texas Practice Based Research Network not only provides me with a great chance to have frequent opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues, while at the same time learn from them and apply those ideas to better serve my community. As far as I am concerned the South Texas Psychiatric PBRN is a wonderful breath of fresh air for this previously forgotten community". By being so involved, and hopefully developing new research interests, long term benefits can be developed for all."

News and Events

At the end of June 2012,  Dr. Don McGeary, the Director of Clinical Psychology Internship and Assistant professor of research with the Department of Psychiatry UTHSCSA,  submitted a grant titled Intervention for Nicotine Use in a Psychiatric Population that will involve members of the network engaging their patients in a tobacco cessation intervention.  Many thanks to Dr. McGeary for all of his efforts on behalf of our network!  We’ll let everyone know if the funding is awarded.


The network will have its first manuscript published in the Fall 2012 Practice-Based Research issue of the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine!  The article titled,  Difficult Encounters with Psychiatric Patients: A South Texas Psychiatry PBRN Study,  details the network’s last completed study.  Many thanks to the authors,  Randall V. Sellers MD,Ricardo Salazar MD,Cervando Martinez Jr. MD,Stephen D. Gelfond MD,Melissa Deuter MD,Holly G. Hayes MSPH,  Norma Ketchum MS and Brad H. Pollock MPH PhD for your diligence in seeing this paper through to publication!

Please mark your calendars for the 4th Annual Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) Resource Center Convocation on October 13th, 2012.  It will be held at the Horizon Hill Conference Center again on 4431 Horizon Hill Blvd, SAT, 78229.  We hope to see you all there!

 As many of you now know,  Holly Hayes accepted the new position of Research Operations with the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics several months ago.  She is still part of our structural grant (CTSA) leadership but will no longer work directly with the South Texas Psychiatric PBRN.    She very much enjoyed her time working with the network and wishes everyone the best.   Veronica Villela Perez is our new PBRN project Coordinator and Dr. Sandra Burge, the interim Director of Medical Student Research Programs at the School of Medicine UTHSCSA,  is the new Director of the PBRN Resource Center.   Veronica and Sandy are excited to become part of this network and look forward to working on future projects.