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Project ECHO Nutrition & Brain Health Training for Primary Care Providers: A Stakeholder-Engaged SOARNet Study

IIMS Community Engagement Small Project Grants Program.

Authors: Sharma V, Masoud S, Sangdahl C, Davila A.



Primary care-public health linkages: Older primary care patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes encouraged to attend community-based senior centers

Noël PH, Parchman ML, Finley EP, Wang CP, Bollinger ML, Espinoza SE, Hazuda HP.
Preventive Medicine Reports 2016;4:283-8. PMCID: PMC4950171.


Provider-related linkages between primary care clinics and community-based senior centers associated with diabetes-related outcomes

Noël PH, Finley EP, Wang CP, Espinoza SE, Parchman ML, Bollinger MP, Hazuda HP.
Journal of Applied Gerontology 2020 Jun;39(6):635-643. PMCID: PMC6274612