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CTS Plan of Study

Fall YEAR 1                                                                                    SCH                            Class Days             Time

TSCI 5070 Responsible Conduct of Research                                     2.0       (Required)      Monday            3–5:00PM

TSCI 5071 Patient-Oriented Clinical Research Methods -1              2.0       (Required)      Tuesday            3–5:00PM

TSCI 5072 Patient-Oriented Clinical Research Biostatistics -1         2.0       (Required)      Thursday          3–5:00PM

TSCI 6001 Intro to Translational Science                                             1.0       (Required)      Wednesday      3–5:00PM


Spring YEAR 1

TSCI 6061 Topics in Translational Science                                       1.0       (Required)       Thu/Fri            9-10:00AM

TSCI Elective Hours- TBD                                                                   4.0       (Elective)         TBD


TOTAL 12.0 Semester Credit Hour (SCH)

Total Required 8.0 SCH

Total Elective 4.0 SCH