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2016 IIMS Community Engagement Symposium

Martinez, C., Jr., Machuca, A., Quintanilla, C., & Daniels, J. Pilot Study to Develop and Evaluate the South Texas PBRN's Session Conversation Starter Tablet-Based Agenda Setting Tool (SCS TBAST) to Enhance Psychiatric Follow-up Vi.pptx

2015 IIMS Community Engagement Symposium

Martinez, C., Jr. & Machuca, A The Psychiatric Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) of the IIMS Update and Implications for Translational Science

2011 Annual American Psychiatric Association Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii

Martinez, C., Jr., Adelman, H., Cohen, M., Elliot, B., III, Garcia, J. G., Gelfond, S., Moss, S., Salazar, R., Sellers, R., Stern, S., Tierney, J., Hayes, H., & Reyes, S.  The Development and Implementation of a Psychiatric Practice-Based Research Network: Initial Results

Salazar, R., Sellers, R.V., Martinez, C., Jr., Gelfond, S.D., Cohen, M., Sweeney, M., Tierney, J., Stern, S.L., Garcia, J.G., Howe, D.D., Deuter, M., Ketchum, N., & Reyes, S.  Evidence-Based Cross-Sectional Study of the Difficult Patient in Psychiatric Practice:  A South Texas Psychiatric Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) Study


Sellers, R.V., Salazar, R., Martinez, C., Jr., Gelfond, S.D., Deuter, M., Hayes, H.G., Ketchum, N., & Pollock, B.H. (2012). Difficult encounters with psychiatric patients: A South Texas Psychiatry practice-based research network (PBRN) study. J Am Board Fam Med. 2012 Sep-Oct; 25 (5): 669-75. Difficult encounters with psychiatric patients

Title: The South Texas Psychiatric Practice - Based Research Network
Published in San Antonio (
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Title: How not to be a difficult patient
Published in Thought Broadcast ( A Psychiatrist’s Thoughts-Straight To Your Head then later reposted on
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2016 IIMS Community Engagement Symposium - Challenges and Successes

2016 Community Health Advisory Board Tech Study Psychiatric PBRN

South Texas Psychiatric PBRN Presentation