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Welcome to the South Texas Oral Health Network  

STOHN is a practice-based research network (PBRN) dedicated to developing a research infrastructure for generating practical and timely information to enhance the quality and efficacy of oral health care. STOHN members are practicing dentists and dental hygienists in South Texas who help to develop and implement dental research where it really matters – in their practices.

Our mission: to improve quality care by conducting oral health studies on topics of interest and important to practitioners and their practice.



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2022 Ongoing STOHN Study

There is currently very little research done on smokeless tobacco and it is a global public health threat. Health effects linked to ST use include oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, oral diseases such as periodontitis, precancerous lesions, risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, reproductive health effects, and overall mortality. San Antonio has a multicultural population due to diverse racial/ethnic groups from around the world and would benefit from a study to understand the attitudes and behaviors of the diverse population, including immigrants, young adults, and other community members (military, various sports, and occupations), regarding ST practices.T he researchers hope to learn the attitudes and behaviors of smokeless tobacco use and practices through a needs assessment among community members and practicing dental providers.  We will be recruiting practitioners soon! Stay tuned!

2022 Completed STOHN Study

Dental abscess or periapical infections are typically caused due to dental caries, trauma, or failed root canal treatment. Acute abscess causes significant pain and discomfort; frequently resulting in hospitalizations due to complications. Untreated dental abscess can spread to the facial, deep neck and even intracranial sinuses causing fatal infections. The specific aim of this study is to assess knowledge, attitudes, and practices of general dentists in effectively managing acute abscess conditions using incision and drainage procedures.

2021 Completed STOHN Study

Testing an Innovative E-Cigarette Cessation Program in a Real-World Dental Practice Setting- The purpose of this proposed research is to test the feasibility of a dental practice-based electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) cessation program targeting youth and young adults (15-29–year-olds) in Texas.