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Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

2024 Events:

IIMS 14th Annual Frontiers of Translational Science Research Day – April 24, 2024

Our spring interns, Eden (top) and Zoe (bottom), presented 2 posters for STOHN. Zoe was chosen to give an oral presentation over the oral health of immigrant and refugee populations.

















2024 UTSA Public Health Fair – April 4, 2024

The UTSA Public Health Fair was a huge success for recruiting future STOHN interns. Our current interns, Zoe and Eden, assisted with tabling at the fair, and networking with fellow students!










2023 Events:

2023 IIMS Community Engagement Symposium – December 2, 2023

The Community Engagement Symposium was a great opportunity for our Fall interns, Kayla and Jasleen, to present and network with community members.

Kayla discussed Quick-Poll data about Food Insecurity within dental practices.

Jasleen presented survey data about dental practitioners attitudes and behaviors regarding smokeless tobacco and cessation methods.

Hispanic Dental Association Annual Meeting – June 9-10, 2023

The Hispanic Dental Association Annual Meeting was an amazing two-day opportunity for our two summer interns, Kayla and Kelinda, to interact and network with Dental Practitioners all over the United States. The interns were able to connect and recruit new Practitioners into the PBRN and interest them in new upcoming studies.










IIMS 13th Annual Frontiers of Translational Science Research Day – April 26, 2023

Our spring interns, Anggie and Cristal, presented 2 posters for STOHN.



















Ashley Spencer, our node coordinator for the Southwest region of the National Dental PBRN, won best poster presentation in the Other Category. The topic was “Informatics Approach to Monitoring Participant Recruitment through the National Dental PBRN” which highlighted the ongoing Post Operative Pain Study (POPS).










2022 Events:

UTSA Public Health Fair- April 7, 2022

We were invited to table at the UTSA Inaugural Public Health Fair to showcase our internship program. Our Coordinator, Marissa, along with spring interns Kayla and Jackie, attended the event to answer questions from faculty and prospective students.


2021 Events:

Madonna Center’s Health, Wellness & Empowerment– October 16, 2021

Our interns, Clarisse and Monika, tabled at the Madonna Center’s Event

STOHN Virtual Annual Meeting & E-Cigarette Webinar– September 10, 2021.

Meeting Program can be found here: STOHN Meeting Program


STOHN Advisory Board Meeting- June 25, 2021 at 12pm CST

2020 Events:

STOHN Advisory Meeting- August 19, 2020

IIMS CE Virtual Symposium- November 7, 2020

2019 Events:

STOHN Annual Meeting was held December 6, 2019.

2019 IIMS Community Engagement Symposium

STOHN Members and student interns were happy to join the 2019 IIMS Community Engagement Symposium, which was held at the Witte Museum on October 12, 2019. Our student interns, Thi Nguyen and Gianna Saenz, were able to present 2 STOHN projects as posters this year!

STOHN Network Coordinator, Marissa Mendoza, working at the symposium. Former STOHN Student Intern, Michelle Rodriguez, Marissa Mendoza, and IIMS Community Engagement Manager, Elisabeth de la Rosa

STOHN Board Member, Dr. Cheryl Davis pictured with another attendee.

Assistant Director Melanie Taverna and Student Intern, Gianna Saenz, discussing the Dry Mouth Study completed in STOHN

Student Intern, Thi Nguyen & Student Intern, Gianna Saenz