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Student Internship Program

Student Internship Program

STOHN serves as an internship worksite for the UTSA Internship Program. The goal of the STOHN internship site is to provide learning experiences  where concepts and skills gained through academic study can be applied to a work setting. The STOHN internship can be completed virtually or in-person at the South Texas Research Facility at the Greehey Academic & Research Campus.

Interns  work closely with principal investigators,  coordinators,  and study staff. A variety of oral health topics are covered through this program, including but not limited to E-cigarette cessation, probiotics for oral health, oral ulcerations, xerostomia (dry mouth), and so on. Students will assist in current ongoing studies in the office and participate in engaging  community members; participate in weekly meetings, presentations, research papers, and take part in  generating study materials as needed.

Read the STOHN Internship Overview

UTSA students, follow these steps:

  1. Submit an application, Agency Information, Attestation Agreement, and Background check forms (listed below)
  2. Interview with Internship Supervisor
  3. Review the Student Internship Curriculum
  4. Complete a research paper over the project or study they are assigned
  5. Work a minimum number of hours per week set by the Internship Supervisor
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